Streamline your Business Customer Reputation Management

Evaluate, generate, monitor, and manage online reviews through a dedicated platform to enhance your business’s image and draw in new potential customers with SAY CRM.

Trusted by reputable companies all over the world

Request and collect reviews from multiple platforms

Build your online reputation by showcasing valuable user feedback from your favorite review platforms using our top-rated reviews widget solutions


Get positive reviews and handle privately negative experiences.

Increase positive reviews by inviting customers through customizable emails, SMS, or QR codes. Safeguard your reputation with a system that privately handles negative feedback. Select the platforms to boost positive review count.

Monitor and reply to all the reviews from one dashboard.

Monitor reviews from various platforms daily, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of customer feedback. Proactively respond to all reviews to demonstrate a strong customer relationship and commitment. Address private negative feedback to rebuild trust, identify areas for improvement, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Examine all reviews gathered across different review platforms on a daily basis.

Make certain to reply to every review to exhibit a strong connection with your customers.

Address confidential negative feedback to restore customer confidence and determine ways to enhance your services.

Feature your best reviews on your website and social media channels.

Design a carousel or feed showcasing top reviews for your website. Share outstanding reviews on Facebook or Instagram using customizable templates. Schedule review posts on social media for a tailored marketing strategy.

Streamline. Integrate. Automate.

Encourage your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on your Google Business profiles through SMS or QR code invitations.

Create an Account

Register for an account and try the platform for 30 days free of charge or cancel and without any charge.

Connect your Platform

Integrate your Google Business profile, Facebook or other platforms where you want to receive your reviews. 

Start Automating

Our platform will do all the work for you. It is very easy to send review requests via email or SMS/text messages.

Ready to grow your business using the only platform that genuinely empowers you to take control of your customer experience?

Get more reviews and increase your ranking.

Reviews are essential in buying decisions since they give potential customers a clear idea of what to expect from your company products or services. Unlike advertising and polished brand messaging, reviews help consumers make informed decisions quickly.

Key Features

Understand your company and brand’s perception with the ability to respond to all public reviews from a single platform while uncovering trends, analyze performance, and prioritize the next steps.

Seamless Integration

Connect your Google My Business or any Social Media profile to manage your reviews and use the review widget to display ratings & reviews.

Easy to use

Work faster and smarter with our clean and simple platform design. Generate 3rd-party reviews on Google, Facebook & more.

Cross Compatibility

Bring together all of your important data sources into our platform and create one tool for all the metrics that matter most to you.

Social Suite

Just the tools that easily integrate with all the others and eliminate the complexity and expense of trying to integrate multiple vendor platforms to build reviews on sites that matter to you.

Competitive Intelligence

Take a glimpse beneath the surface of performance ratings and deep dive into Reputation Scores, star ratings, client reviews, and customer comments, at the brand and location level.

Reputation Scaling Team

Benefit from a dedicated team of experts to help you build your online Google presence. From Knowledge Panels to Google Seller Ratings, we can help you win more traffic and conversions.

Collect feedback and reviews to drive your business sales up

SAY CRM platform will make the customer experience the backbone of your business, building a continuous cycle of happy customers and powerful reviews to help you capture your next customer.


Just two reviews per day would change your search engine ranking.


Of online shoppers will check reviews for first time purchases.


Times more repeat customers where feedback is managed.


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